Bummed Luna

Here is Luna, looking a little bummed because her new Golden friend didn’t come to play this last weekend.


Here is Luna again, perking her head up after I asked her where Tucker and Janet were.

This is Luna, giving me a slightly sour look once she figured out I was teasing her.



What A Week

I had mentioned in my previous post that Tucker was to be staying with us for a few days, along with Janet, my sister Lindsey and her husband Louis.  So in short how can I describe this past week? It was a chaotic, bitey-head game, furniture moving, air mattress sleeping, dog hair flying amuck kind of a week.  D and I currently live in a small 900 sf home and it can (and will) get very ‘tight’ in the house.  Despite the lack of space, I love my family very much and I am always happy to see them.  More importantly I am happy to see Luna and Tucker form their relationship.  I think it’s safe to say that we will need to get Luna a puppy within the next few years as it is very obvious that she loves having another small one around.  Yes, I will admit that Luna was the instigator when it came to all of those bitey-head games, but Tucker sure knew how to get in a few good mouthfuls of Luna’s hair.

Here are a few pictures of this past week.

The games begin!


Luna, sister Lindsey and Louis

Luna: Wake up sleepy head!

Having fun with Janet, Luna, and Tucker

Getting my own cuddle time with the dogs.

  A time out- yes D needed one too!


Two worn out pooches.

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