Seattle Pet Blogger Meet up


If you live in the Seattle area, have a dog blog, or are thinking of starting a dog blog then make sure you check out a new Seattle Pet Blogger Meet Up group founded by Jessica- owner of

The group was started in an effort to be able to connect with other Seattle blog owners, to trade blog tips, and to talk blog all while letting our pooches socialize and get to know one another.

Today was our first meeting and we got together at Bark Espresso, one of the few coffee houses in Seattle to allow dogs inside. Let me clarify, the coffee house is basically split down the middle with the dogs side and non-dog side- both where you can sit, hop on your laptop, and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee! Seriously, I had one of the best Mocha’s here!

(Gretel & Chester from YDWWYW, and Penny)


Make sure to check out some of the blogs we met today.  We hope to meet many more at out the next meet up!

You Did What with Your Weiner is a website dedicated to let the world know that weiner dogs are awesome all-terrain doggies that can do just about eve thing!

Dog Jaunt is a travel blog for people who want to take their small dogs along with them, on trips of any length. Chloe is a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the star of the blog.

Bailey & Banjo provides custom, on location photo shoots for your dogs, cats or other furry friends.  The photography here is absolutely amazing!!

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