31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge- Analyze a top blog in your niche

I am a bit behind on my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge, however I cannot pass up Task 4 in this wonderful blog challenge as this challenge is to Analyze a top blog in your niche. As stated from Darren Rowse (the creator of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge) –

The purpose of this task is not to promote yourself on the blog – but rather to spend time watching, listening and observing how the blog operates with the goal of letting what you learn help shape your own blogging strategy.


This task came extremely easy to me as I knew exactly what blog I wanted to talk about. Augie and Ti’s blog From The Treat Jar was the very first blog I started reading back in 2007, and this was the very first blog that got me excited about blogging.

So here we go-

Identify a successful blog in your niche

Augie and Ti- From The Treat Jar

Take 15 minutes to do some analysis of the blog in some of the following areas


What topics are they covering?

Augie and Ti are always sharing their fun adventures; weather they are play dates they have been to, contest they have entered in, silly stories about being boys, product reviews, items from their Double Dog Bakery, videos…

What topics are they ignoring?

I have never come across any subject being of a forceful nature or anything political on their blog. This blog is all about laughs and cute dog behavior really.

What voice/style do they post in?

All stories are told by Augie and Ti- which are always cute and humorous.

How often are they posting?

Most times about once a week

Reader Engagement:

What topics generate most conversation?

Topics that generate more than average amount of conversation involve some sort of prize or contest.

What styles of posts seem to connect with reader’s best?

Any (all) post that has Augie and Ti being silly or goofy in their sweet Golden manner always connect with the readers.

What questions are readers asking in comments?

“Why are you boys so cute”, or “How did your mom get you to do that”, or “Do you really enjoy the blow dryer that much?”

What complaints do you see readers making in comments?

Non what so ever!

What tools/mediums is the site using (eg: are they using Twitter, forums etc)

Youtube, Facebook, Amazon/Kindle


What first impression does their design give?

The first impression I had when visiting this blog for the first time over four years ago was that it was ruled by two adorable Golden Retrievers who were absolutely adored by their family. I immediately showed the blog off to various family members and friends.

What have they done well?

What have they done poorly? I really don’t think they have done anything poorly. In fact I often look to their blog for inspiration. I think that Augie and Ti have some of the best videos on YouTube; the editing is perfect and the music choices are always great, and I always find it fascinating on how well trained these two dogs are.



What Options do they give readers to subscribe?

Augie and Ti uses Webs.com which allows you to subscribe through their website. They also have a popular Facebook page.

Augie and Ti- I hope you don’t mind that I am using you boys as an example, but you are my Holy Grail as far as dog blog’s go. Yes I am sure that sounds corny! Thank you for allowing me to analyze and learn from you as I have found that it has been a great way to help me shape and form my own blogging style while still trying to be somewhat unique in this huge dog blogging world.

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