Pure Pooch Review


We recently received a sample of Pure Pooch “Really Clean” Shampoo, a deodorizing shampoo for furry dogs. Yes I have two very furry dogs and they definitely need deodorizing!

Just like many high quality animal products out there, Pure Pooch got their inspiration from their own dog Sophie, who is a twelve year old Maltese-Lhasa Aspa. Finding the right shampoo for her over the years that were gentle (yet cleansing) enough had become a struggle, and thus came the idea and on creating a shampoo that uses natural ingredients.

Ingredients used in Pure Pooch shampoo are: water, gentle cleansers derived from coconuts, plant-derived conditioners, natural enzyme deodorizers, neem oil, citronella oil, Provitamin B5, fragrance (essential oil blend), citric acid, salt, color, and preservative.

Pure Pooch offers three different types of shampoos: Pure Pooch Really Clean Shampoo, Gentle Shampoo, and Bright & Clean Shampoo for you white haired dogs.

All shampoos are:

  • Soap free
  • tear free (no lauryl sulfates)
  • hypo allergenic
  • ph. balanced for dogs
  • natural deodorizer
  • lathers fast and easy to rinse
  • safe to use with flea and tick treatments
  • no parabens
  • cruelty free
  • made in the u.s.a

You can purchase Pure Pooch online- http://www.allinview.com/purepooch/, or visit their Facebook Page- http://www.facebook.com/purepooch

I decided to use Penny as my Guiney pig, and this was the face I got when I told her she would be receiving a bath.  It’s one of my favorite pictures of her!

This is the picture of Penny after her bath.  Doesn’t she look happy and fresh?

Being the picky hair dresser that I am, I always look at products from the end result. Did this product really lather fast and was easy to rinse? Is it really tear and ‘soap’ free? Can it be combined with other flea and tick medications? Well as far as I am concerned and after just one wash I would say yes. I will definitely use this product again, even if it means torturing Penny with the usual bath.

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