31 Days to Building a Better Blog- The Elevator Pitch

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31 Days to Building a Better Blog- The Elevator Pitch

 The Assignment- Is to spend the next 31 days working on tasks that will help improve my blog. This is a month long challenge put together by Darren Rowse on his Blog Problogger, and provided by the Blog Paws Community.

Task #1- Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog

How’s it going so far? Not very well as I can’t quite seem to keep my eyes off of the TV at the moment.

So…back to my homework assignment. The elevator pitch; how would I describe my blog in 200 words or less while making it sound attractive to the listener? Well that would be my usual ‘I am a thirty-something year old chick who spends too much time blogging about my dogs’. Does this classify as an elevator pitch? I don’t think so. Does this line let others know what my blog is about? Maybe, maybe not… it sounds pretty vague if you ask me, and more like a tagline instead of a well-defined description of what my blog is about.

So for my first homework assignment I would expect to receive maybe a C+; a C for at least getting the blog post finished, and the + for thinking about it for more than fifteen minutes. It is in fact past 9:30 pm and almost my bedtime!

What I do know is that Luna and Penny are our first family dogs and this blog is all about sharing our dog adventures with family and friends.

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