A visit to Omak, WA

What do you do when you drive 4+ hours over the Cascade Mountains to a small and quite town (where your parents live) where you are surrounded by desert-like scenery and your neighbors wear cowboy boots?

You must first marvel at the beautiful house that you are staying in along with the beautiful scenery.

You then help your mother pick some fruits and vegetables from her very first garden…

…and then you have to meet the neighbors and share the fruits of your labor with.

You help your father measure the footings of a building project he is working on…

… and you get a lesson in driving a tractor for the first time. You then wonder which is more difficult- driving a Tom Cat Tractor or a stick shift?

You enjoy a bon fire in the back yard- dogs, wine and S’mores are included!

Speaking of dogs… you spend lots of time outdoors playing with your family of dogs- Luna, Penny, Tucker, and Finely!

You even make a movie of your dog’s playing in a nearby field off leash because you had so much fun watching them dig in the dirt, run like crazy, and act like dogs.

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