The Daily Dog Challenge - Works Of Art

Last week Alfie from Alfies Blog interviewed one of my favorite dog photography bloggers called BZ Training.  I have been following BZ Training for a while now and have always admired her photography and her dog’s ability to do just about anything.  After reading the interview I decided to join BZ’s Flickr challenge group called The Daily Dog Challenge.  I figured it would give me opportunities to not only learn more about photography (I basically have no knowledge what so ever) but to work on training with Luna and Penny. So, we will see how it goes.  I am hoping that the learning process with these things will be fun and challenging all at the same time.

Photography Assignment - ​We all think of our dogs as works of art in some way. Take a photo of your dog with a work of art. 

My first photo submitted for the Daily Dog Challenge was taken with Penny. Penny was an obvious choice as I had recently received a framed print of a Dachshund that had Penny’s same coloring.  The photo was taken in the bedroom with an old chest as the back ground.  Not my best photo - the lighting was poor - but I do like the way the overall coloring came out. ​

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