The Adventureweiner Club

Penny and I recently joined the Adventureweiner Club (founded by blogging author You Did What With Your Weiner) where “adventurous weiner dogs come to have fun and their parents come to exercise with their dog, make new friends and have a good time.” Make new friends and have a good time we certainly did! This past weekend was the Clubs monthly walk around Greenlake, which just happened to fall on a non-work day for me.  Penny and I were happy to attend!


From what I have heard about this Meet Up Group, the monthly walk around Greenlake usually sees about thirty+ dogs and their owners. If you don’t know anything about Greenlake, just understand that it is an absolutely beautiful lake and highly coveted living city in Seattle that every local walker, runner, swimmer, kayaking, and fishing person frequents on a daily basis- rain or shine! However, due to the rain this morning I believe we had about twenty dogs attending.  It was certainly entertaining to hear the local Greenlakers running past our group saying such things as “here are the weiner dogs again,” and “look mom, the hot dogs are back.” It was pretty hard not to notice us!

The group was everything you could imagine about Dachshunds.

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There were big ones and old ones…

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small ones and long haired ones…

wired and short haired ones…

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and just plain cute ones!

Here we are taking a break and group photo.

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Here is Penny dragging ‘foliage’ on her walk.  A trait something I am hoping all long haired Dachshunds do.

Here is Penny making a few friends.

I am so happy that I was able to join this group and meet other Dachshund and their owners. I now get to say that I have officially met two dog blogging friends, and hope to meet many more in the future!

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