Fur Code I.D Tag Review and Giveaway

We are happy to be reviewing the FurCode Id Tag which is a “smart modern upgrade to the dog tag of previous generations.”  Each tag links to your personal online pet profile which allows pet owners to keep their pet’s contact, vet and care information current.  We think this is actually a great idea and another nice alternative to the Home Again tag.  Luna was microchiped at puppy-hood and we were told Penny was too, however our vet has never been able to scan Penny’s tag due to the type of scanner they use. This has always bothered me so knowing that there is another type pet identification tag out there is comforting.

How the tag works-

You enter the tag ID in a web browser and it instantly renders your Pet’s profile page, or you can scan your FurCode with a Smartphone’s QR code reader and your pet’s profile instantly displays on your smart phone.  Scanning Penny’s tag on my phone took less than twenty seconds to display.


How the tags are made-

FurCodes are Laser-Etched Aluminum, making them lightweight, waterproof and nearly indestructible; however I do see a little scratching on the tag due to rubbing from Penny’s other tags.  If you somehow damage or lose your tag then you can simply email FurCode and they will send you a replacement tag.

Here are some Fur Code Facts-

You do not need to you pay any monthly or annual fees as your pet’s information is stored at FurCode.com free-of-charge. The price of the FurCode ($30.00) is all you pay.

You do not need a Smartphone to have a FurCode, as you can view and update your pet’s profile by typing in the URL listed on your tag.

If you have a Smartphone then you probably have a QR Reader.

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by Smartphones. Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes enjoy a much broader context, including both commercial and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users (termed mobile tagging).

Here is a neat video for you visual learners (like me) that has a groovy soundtrack to it!-


All in all we think these tags are a great product and we definitely think they are worth purchasing! The quality of the tag is almost perfect, the scanning of the tag works like a charm, and the website was easy to navigate through and use.

Contest Runs: 11/26- 12/9

So, are you ready to try and win a free FurCode tag?  Well guess what, we have five (yes that’s right), five of them to giveaway!  All you have to do is leave a comment below this post before December 9th, and I will use randomizer.org to pick a winner and will notify the winner by e-mail.  Good luck, and make sure to leave a comment as these tags are pretty darn cool!



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