2012 Life+Dog Cover Search Contest


Think you have a cute photo of your dog?  I certainly do, so I have entered Luna in The 2012 LIFE+DOG Cover Dog Contest that will take place from January 3, 2012 to January 16, 2012.

We would LOVE it if you would take a moment to please vote for our entry in the 2012 LIFE+DOG Cover Model Contest, on the Life and Dog Facebook page! Click here to see it and vote: http://bit.ly/zijJEZ

One of my favorite photos

About the contest-

The top 5 dogs will win prizes and cash donations to the charities of their choice! The 1st place dog will win hundreds of dollars in prizes and a $250.00 donation to their favorite charity. 2nd place wins prizes and a $200.00 donation. 3rd-5th place dogs win a selection of prizes and a $50.00 donation to charity of their choice from LIFE+DOG.

Voting Period - 11AM CST Friday, January 6, 2012 to 11PMCST Monday, January 16, 2012.

The grand prize winning dog will appear on a future cover of LIFE+DOG magazine during 2012. The future LIFE+DOG cover dog, and Grand Prize winner, will be chosen by the LIFE+DOG editors from the top 5 vote-receiving entries. At least 3 additional dogs will be chosen from all entries that receive at least 3 votes to appear in the pages of a future issue of LIFE+DOG.

View the prizes by clicking on the WINNERS tab above or at www.lifeanddog.com/coverdog2012


If you have entered the contest yourself then drop me a line and I will make sure to vote for you!  Us dog bloggers have to stick together! Smile

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