My Sister and Little Nephew Ben

Yes, that would be Luna you see in the background, and she is carefully watching the mobile play pen that Ben is sitting in. My sister and little nephew Ben came to visit last week and it was such a joy having them with us. It was equally entertaining watching my dogs react to a baby in the house; both Luna and Penny spent a lot of time trying to sniff Ben and sneak in kisses. Penny found great pleasure in tugging on his clothes from time to time, and whenever Ben let out a shriek of excitement, Luna rushed over to see if he was okay, just like she does when someone sneezes.

Luna: I love you Ben, but that weird wobbly thing you are playing in is making me a little nervous!

Luna: What is this thing, and what does it want with my tail???


The next stop along our drive across the country was in Pasadena, California to visit my little sister Lindsey and her husband Louis.  It had been over two years since I had seen Lindsey, so I was excited to be spending some sister time with her.  Since Disneyland was just a mere forty-five minutes away, we decided to do our bonding time there.