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Bumperpet review

About Bumperpet-

BumperPet offers you the ability to easily customize your own bumper sticker-giving you many options for size, shape, and imaging. Because a special adhesive is used, it can be applied to virtually any smooth, clean surface and removed without residue or damage. stickers also have a 3 year outdoor fade resistant life and maintain their vivid appearance throughout many types of weather.

When I was offered a free bumper sticker to try out I said sure, why not? I love cute stuff like this! is a Chicago based custom decal printing company that offers bumper stickers in many sizes along with a new iPhone sticker. The website is easy to navigate, and the bumper designer tool is easy to use. I was able to come up with a neat design and create a nice size sticker for my car. The website also provides a well-informed facts page all about the making and quality of the stickers. This company is also involved in animal charity work and even offers $2.00 of every sale to different rescue organizations.

So here I am testing out the sticker on my husbands car first, I applied it and then took it off. I wanted to test out how easy it would be to remove it.

After the first test, I then tested the sticker on my car.  I then realized how dirty my car was and moved it to another place.  It is supposed to rain here in the next few days, so I am waiting to see how it will hold up in wet weather.  Over all, the quality seems to be great and I have already received a few compliments on it.  Make sure to check out their website and their blog for more information!

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