Pooch Parade Walk in Carmel #1

One of the first things people said to me after learning that we would be moving to Carmel was that it is a super dog friendly place.  I thought to myself, “great, I have two super friendly dogs!”  I made it a goal to find a dog walking group after we’d settled down in our house, so that we could socialize Luna and Penny and try to integrate ourselves into the quaint little town a bit.  Plus, you never know if a member of Clint Eastwood’s family walks a dog around town! 

Today we met up with a group of about fifteen owners and dogs at our local pet store and joined them for their weekly walk in The Crossroads of Carmel.  The walk took about 60 minutes and upon our return we got to treat our dogs to water and free samples at the store’s special "Dog-Walk Table".  It was quite fun, the girls got to meet some new doggies, and the weather… well, it was absolutely wonderful!

We continue to be very pleased at how social Penny is with other dog breeds and humans – a bit uncommon for Dachshunds, which are notoriously xenophobic.  In a manner entirely contrary to our experience at the Weiner Dog Walk in Seattle – where she was the only one NOT barking – here in California, Penny was the only dog making any noise at all. It was mostly in her unique, “I’m excited” sing-song squeaking – but still, very entertaining.

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