Watching Dogs Play in the Snow


News stations have been announcing all day long about Public School closures that are happening around our region, and it appears that not even snowplows are currently safe as a Department Of Transportation plow got stuck in the snow on the Martin Way on-ramp onto southbound I-5 in Thurston County.  I don’t live in Thurston County, but I can only imagine how bad it might be there.  The Pacific Northwest seems to be going through a major (major for us, laughable for everyone else I’m sure) winter storm as Wednesday we accumulated the most snow we have had in twenty years.  I will admit that I have missed more days of work than normal, however just getting out of my neighborhood is laughable as side streets are hilly and covered in black ice. 

D had sent me an email stating to be careful when running (after the dogs) in the snow... “Running in snow, you kind of lose track of curbs and such...”  I said that there is so much snow on the ground that all of the curbs seemed be leveled out.  He then retorted “Also, no, the curbs LOOK even, but put your foot down wrong, and you can break your ankle.”  He then sent along this diagram. 

Anyways... I have enjoyed my many days off and what’s more enjoyable than watching dogs play in the snow?

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Snow Is So Strange... To Penny

Do you have snow yet?  We don’t and I’m not sure if we are going to get any this year.  I particularly don’t have a fondness for snow as I usually have to drive to work in it which is something that a lot of people living in Seattle do not know how to do.  The only reason I enjoy snow is for watching the dogs play in.  Here is a video of Penny’s reaction to snow (last year) after only having her in our lives for just a month.  Penny was fairly timid the first few months of having her home and it was great to see her personality come alive playing in the snow.

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The Stinkbug and the Skunk

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