are apples good for your dog?

According to an article written by Elizabeth Pask and Laura Schott on Modern Dog Magazine, “Apples are wonderful crunchy treats for your dog. Apples with the skin on are full of plant chemicals (phytonutrients) that are thought to be protective against some types of cancer in humans. They are a source of vitamins A and C and fiber. Apple seeds, however, contain cyanide so your dog should not be allowed to eat the core. Though the effects of a few apple seeds will likely not harm your dog, the deleterious effects can accumulate over time if allowed to eat apple seeds regularly.”

This is a good thing as we have two apples trees (in season) in my back yard, and I am constantly finding Luna crunching away on these new favorite snacks. I can’t decide if she is picking them off the branches or simply finding them hidden in the grass like Easter eggs. However she is getting them it is apparent that she loves them!