Flexi Leash Review

A wonderful person at Flexi USA noticed that we had recently posted about walking our two differently sized dogs and offered to send us a retractable leash of our choice.  I think she might have been silently laughing at our poor and clumsy efforts at walking Penny and Luna together for the first time, and offered us a leash to spare us future embarrassment.  What ever her motives were, we are grateful for the wonderful gift.  I chose the Small Flexi Classic Cord, which is fitted for dogs up to 26 lbs. and reaches 16 ft. in length.  It’s the perfect fit for our 14 lb. Dachsie and provides her just enough length to execute her zoomies in our front yard.   This is also a perfect leash for when we venture over to our local park, as it allows Penny just enough distance to go sniffing about, while still keeping her close enough to be safe.  I will admit that I do have a retractable leash (from another manufacturer) for Luna, but definitely prefer the quality and design of the Flexi Leash over the other.

Thank you Flexi! Penny loves her new leash (See the second picture? She’s smiling out of appreciation for the Flexi-leash!), and Luna is quite jealous! 

Elizabeth Bergesen
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