Are Dog Bowls Created Equal?

I am currently in the market for a new dog bowl and I know that choosing the right one can sometimes be as challenging as choosing the perfect pair of comfortable “cute” shoes.  We all know that not all dog bowls are created equal, some are designed to offer different features, and some are just flat out better than others.  These next few weeks I will be researching the web to see what my options are regarding popularity and design and what features those types of food bowls offer.

Ceramic Dog Bowls

These bowls are great if you are looking for ways to express you (or your dogs) personal style as they are often decorated with fun designs and may be handmade by artists. Their protective glaze makes them easy to keep clean, especially if dishwasher-safe.  I have read that some glazes used to coat the ceramic during the baking process may contain lead, so if you decide to use a ceramic bowl, make certain it is intended for food use and that it is coated with a lead free glaze.  Ceramic bowls are certainly pretty but can often crack that could potentially house bacteria, so close monitoring and constant washing are a must for this type of food bowl.

Do you think ceramic is a good choice for a dog food bowl?  Do you have one, and if so how has it held up for you?

Links to the above products.

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  3. Miss Pottery
  4. Fatty Frog Pots
  5. Lauren Bausch Original