Our Most Memorable Blog Posts of 2012

This past year was fun and entertaining, and D and I experienced a few large and small steps in our life as a married couple. As always, our dogs have been amazing companions to us and I can honestly say that I love blogging more than ever. I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who stops by and reads our blog. Here are a few of my most memorable blog posts from 2012.

1) In January D and I celebrated our six years of marriage and all I can say is - boy did it go by fast; two dogs, two cross-country moves, ten overseas trips (just him...), lots of time being separated for special occasions (six birthdays, four anniversaries, one Thanksgiving, and one Christmas), one looooong deployment.

2) In February D came home from his looooong deployment. It was on a Sunday night, after 9 o’clock. I was in my pajamas. Nothing unusual was happening… the doorbell rings and I freak out thinking that it was a man with a hook for a hand and he was going to break down the door. Actually, it did not turn out to be a hook-handed man – it was my long-deployed husband!?!?

3) In May we packed up 200 boxes and said good bye to my home town of Seattle and moved to Carmel, California.

Good Bye Seattle

Good Bye Seattle

4) In June, after attending one of the most powerful social media conferences in the nation for pets, bloggers and anyone in the animal industry, I wrote Elizabeth’s survival guide to attending BlogPaws.

My Survival Guide For Attending Blog Paws.

My Survival Guide For Attending Blog Paws.

August was a busy month for us.

5) Luna walked on narrow, elevated planks; she jumped over [low] hurdles; she weaved through a slalom; she even passed through a 12-foot-long tunnel – all on her first experience at The Zoom Room.

6) My family visited Carmel for the first time and I was able to get more play time with my nephew Ben. We spent time at the beach and visited Fisherman’s Wharf.

7) In October, Shorty after achieving our goal of getting Luna comfortable with the agility equipment at The Zoom Room, we decided it was time to challenge our little Penny.

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Penny's Zoom Room Visit

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8) In November D gets a Knee Injury while playing soccer which resulted in no major tears to the MCL or meniscus, but a dislocation of his patella. Today, D is still not able to drive, but is more mobile thanks to physical therapy three times a week.

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D Get's a Knee Injury

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D Get's a Knee Injury

D Get's a Knee Injury

What were your favorite posts from 2012? Also, what do you hope to see more of in 2013?

Elizabeth Bergesen