Bark & Bites - DIY Dog Photography Links

Everyone enjoys taking photos of their pets, and that’s probably why some of us starting blogging in the first place.  Raise your hand if that’s you – you can’t see it but my hand is raised.  Taking photos should be a fun and positive experience, even though it can be challenging figuring out camera settings, finding the best light to photograph in, and figuring out how to get your dogs to look super cute on command.  I can honestly say that the more you practice, the easier it gets, and it also really helps when you are able to read up on other bloggers helpful DIY tips.

Here are links to some of my favorite DIY Photography Tips from other successful photography bloggers.

  • Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess gives awesome, fun tips on how to get super cute shots of your dog. From treats to props, her words of advice are accompanied by gorgeous photos.
  • BZ Dogs shows you how simple it is to fashion up a quick dog tuxedo (using felt and buttons) if you are looking for a quick photography costume.
  • Pretty Fluffy shows you 5 fun and easy home pet photography ideas that will leave you with a treasured photo to frame in no time.
  • Martha Stewart shows you how a super-sized photo portrait of your pet can add a playful, graphic element to a room in your house.
  • Kate from Kate with a camera loves to take photos!  She also does a wonderful job sharing all of her experiences such as 5 Tips to Instantly Take Better Photos with Your First DSLR, and What It Takes To Get The Shot. 
  • If you want to know what the best settings are to get action photos that are sharp and in focus, then you need to visit KevinandAmanda’s blog. Amanda shares with you her go-to recipe for tack-sharp action photos.  She also shares with you how to create a custom bokeh filer set for your lens.
  • Not only is the Digital Photography School website a wonderful resource for learning about photography in general, they also publish great articles such as 5 Tips for Consistently Good Photos Indoors.

We are teaming up with Robin from Newf and Hound who also enjoys photographing her four beautiful dogs. Make sure to check out the links she has in store for you today!