Mint Fashion Trends

Have you noticed the popular color mint?  Mint tones seem to be everywhere this season, and I had never really given the color much thought until I tried on a pretty blouse the other day.  Pastel mint is certainly a very feminine look, and I was surprised at how the neutral shade brought certain warmth to my fair skin.  I liked it so much that I purchased the pretty blouse and wore it on Easter Sunday - totally cliche right?  :)  Of course I wanted to see if this popular trend had carried over to the ‘dog-world’ and to my surprise it had.  Here are a few of my favorite mint green inspired dog finds.

  • Yellow Labrador Dog Painting by Christy Dekoning
  • Helvetica Dog Bowl by Harry Barker
  • Merci Thank You Greeting Card by Bubby and Bean
  • Sausage Dog Illustration by Helen Robin
  • Petware Pottery Bone and Dots Dish by Diggidy Dog
  • Mint Flower Dog Leash by Gingers Wonders

  • Lattice Bow Tie by Accessories By LG
  • Keep Calm Dog Poster by QweenAndEyePrints