Monday, April 23, 2012

Counting Down the Days

If you were to ask me how it feels to be lady of leisure (especially since my last day at work was two weeks ago) I would have to say that life is anything but leisurely, especially since it's that time again; time for us to pack our up our home and move to our next location.  Movers are due here in just a little over a week, and I am keeping busy with decisions to make and arrangements to seen follow through.  Moving is never easy, and I'm not sure if anyone (especially being a Military family) ever gets used to it.  My mother-in-law does a good job in reminding me to just be patient with myself and with D, and if we keep the communication open, it will all be fine.  It will be hard to leave my home again (beautiful Seattle) but Carmel, CA looks like it's going to be a very beautiful place to call home.
(At Greenlake with the Adventureweiner Club)

(At Greenlake with the Adventureweiner Club)

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