Color Inspiration - Neutrals

If you haven’t noticed already, I have been going through a lot of design changes on my blog.   Better put, I can’t seem to find a style or look that works for me.  I would like to blame it on my new platform for not having adequate template choices to choose from, but mostly I blame it on my lack of blog focus and creativity.  I will be expecting an email from my mother-in-law (after she reads this post) telling me that I am crazy and that my ‘creativity juices’ just need to be exercised.  So true!  In fact, I ended up finding this great e-course Blog Design Love which is designed to help bloggers design and format their blogs with personality.

My homework assignment for this evening is to create a mood board for colors that I would like to incorporate in the design of my blog.  I used to create mood boards when making presentations to clients so I know they are a great tool for organizing your thoughts.  Colors that I always seem to be drawn to are a mix of rich and warm neutrals.  I am looking at my blog design to be a canvas for my photos, so neutral colors seem to be the right choice for me.

My next homework assignment is to make a mood board for fonts.  Stay tuned.,

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