Dog Communicator Detects A ‘Huge Wedge’

The last time I was with Penny at our local pet store (Luna was at home), there was a ‘dog communicator’ (a euphemism for a ‘psychic medium’) who was giving free ‘evaluations.’  I had her do her thing with Penny (a very scientific process that involved putting her hand on Penny’s back and closing her eyes for a minute) and although she said some interestingly accurate (but probably pretty obvious) things about Penny’s personality, when I told her we had another dog at home, she indicated that she felt a huge wedge between the two dogs.  I smiled and nodded thoughtfully, though I definitely thought this last part was about as wrong as it was possible to be.

I’ll let you, my readers, tell me whether you think there’s a ‘huge wedge’ between Luna and Penny.  Here are a few pictures (specifically-selected, yes) of commonly-occurring situations in our household to help you decide!

Posted on April 22, 2013 and filed under Musings & More .