Case Study - Blogs I Think Rock & Why

I am taking part of a Blog Boss e-course hosted by the ridiculously talented Holly Becker from Decor8, and my homework assignment for this week was to do a case study on 8 blogs that I think rock and why.  The point of this assignment is to study what I am drawn to (from a design stand point) when looking at blogs and then figure out how I may be able to apply to those things to my own blog.

So because I have two blogs that I run I am breaking this assignment down to 4 blogs that I think rock for each website. Some of these blogs are daily reads for me, and others I just discovered. So, here are 4 blogs that I think rock and why.

House of Harvey is Stephanie’s personal space on the web where she shares all that are creative, beautiful, well-designed and simply lovely in the dog world.  She puts together beautifully laid out picture collages of her favorite dog related finds from the internet and also puts her own little graphic spin on her own personal photos.  Her blog has a Tumblr style layout which makes her images her main focus.  Her design is minimalistic yet fun and friendly, and her navigation is easy and straightforward.  I love this blog – I’m so happy I found it!

Newf & Hound is a blog about Four Dogs, One Girl, Living In A Modern World.  This blog is another Tumblr style layout that I like very much.  Robin is into learning about photography, and her hard work is showing on her blog.  Her photos are amazing and I like the way she lays them out within her blog posts - I feel like I could be flipping through a Real Simple Magazine with the way she styles her posts.  Her logo is cute and colorful and her text is simple and straight forward.

Kiss My Mutt is a blog that brings style, comfort, and fun to dogs and dog owners alike. I was just instantly drawn to the layout and design of this blog. I love the layout, colors, fonts, and photos – basically everything.  I find it very pleasing to the eye as if I’m flipping through a magazine.

The Daily Dog Tag is a blog that focuses on professional dog photography, artful and unique products, and adoptable dogs.  I fell in love with this site when I first came upon it.  The layout is designed in such a way that makes the images the main attraction, and the illustrations on the top navigation are super cute and creative. I enjoy the way the images are displayed on the blog and that everything (text and images) are always the same width. The sidebar isn’t overloaded with silly stuff and I think overall the site is just lovely.

Do you have favorite blogs that you are always drawn too?  Do you know why you find them so appealing? Have you ever spent time analyzing this information and applying it to your own site?  You can visit my other site to see 4 more blogs I think rock and why.  

Posted on March 18, 2013 and filed under Better Blogging .