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arcs and central angles worksheet

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Indicates that a central and an inscribed angle are the same angle.

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Indicates that a central and an inscribed angle are the same angle.
Central and Inscribed Angles
geometry 9-4 concept guide: arcs and chords
arcs and inscribed angles exercise. SOLUTIONS
Draws a central angle but does not identify it as such (and uses incorrect  terminology).
... angle type. However, the student either is unable to describe the  relationship between their measures or describes the relationship  incorrectly.
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Question 9 from Lesson 15-3 and Question 33 from the SPUR Review for  Chapter 15 are two questions where the arc lengths and angle measures are  unknown.
Commentary: Some questions from Lesson 8-8 are included.
Extra Practice with Inscribed Angles KEY(10.4)
19 240 ...
Semicircle: An Arc that equals 180
3 Types of Arcs Minor Arc ACB AB Major Arc APB is a Central Angle
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